ED 003 – In-built Kitchen Sets

Ankastre Sets

Eurodoor Turkish made 3pc inbuilt set
1. Angular hood
-Sunction power 1000m cubic per second
-Engine power 190w
-Black body
-Aluminum filter washable
2. Hob
-Black glass surface
– side button
-4 eyes gas
-Enamel grill
-Stainless Enamelled cap covers
-Automatic lighter
-Gas safety system
3. Oven
-Class A Energy class
-70lt internal volume
-Heat resistant double glass cover
-Touch screen timer display
-9 cooking function
-indoor lighting
-Turbo fan
-Wire Grid
-Enamel cooking tray
-Telescopic Rack system Unit
-Cooling fan
-Removable and washable units in dishwasher
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