Which door would you choose to secure your Dream House?

Euro Door

EURO DOOR KENYA has it all!!!

Combining high-level security with high-level finishing with STEEL and WOOD TOGETHER on the SAME DOOR

Wouldn't plain steel doors be too boring? Wouldn't plain wooden doors make it difficult to install security features?

See general specs below:

Explaining EURO SPECS.

  1. Steel

2mm steel plate and 1.2mm steel sheet. In between, there's fiberglass or stone wool material which acts as insulation against sound and temperature

The frame is steel and adjustable 180cm to 250cm. powder coated or painted electrostatically then baked above 200 degrees to look like wood

2. Security

  • Locks

It contains an upper lock system and a lower lock system

Upper lock system made of 2 lock hook system

The lower lock has a three-pin barrel lock. Each lockset opens and closes three times.

  • Security pins

Each door has six pins that look act as secret locks on the other side opposite the locks system

  • Door viewer with lens and knocker.

Allows you to see the person knocking

  1. African Walnut wood finish -gives a warm look

Concrete finish doors-makes the door fire resistant

Grey wood coated-unique finish

  1. Warm brown wood color.

The steel frame is also painted to match this wood color.

  1. Warranty

Two years on the door

Seven years on the locks

Kale locks used.

  1. Dimensions

Single -900mm Wide by 2200mm High

Double -1200mm Wide by 2400mm High

  1. Weight

93kg- For 900mm Wide by 2200mm High (single)

140kg for 1200mm wide by 2400mm High (Double)

  1. Accessories

6 locks, each locking three times

6 security pins

The Main handle

Opening and closing handle

Main heavy handle from outside

Factory fitted glass on top

laser-cut grill on top

9. Door is dustproof

Because the entire door opening is sealed in high-quality rubber to keep off dust when the door is locked. This also allows smooth closing

10. Door is soundproof

Due to the fiberglass material between the steel plates.

11. Installation

All accessories and installation labor included in the price

Reach us on 0723056447 and secure your house and what is precious to you with a very high-level finishing.

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